VISIBILITY: A Selection of Black Deaf
and Disabled Performance Artists

FEB 5. 2021 – MARCH 10. 2021

Curated by Aleatha Lindsay

Lizzie Emeh, Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, Chris Fonseca, Antoine Hunter, Leroy F. Moore Jr.,
Ellice Patterson, Syrus Marcus Ware

Bringing together some of the most significant performance art practitioners today, The Ikouii Creative presents VISIBILITY: A Selection of Black Deaf and Disabled Performance Artists. This global selection of artists presents not only their own individual interpretation of culture and exploring identity, they are also innovating, educating, and creating space to inspire new realities and ways to move forward.

This virtual exhibition aims to celebrate the aesthetic sensibility of the Black disabled community, showcasing performance arts as a vehicle for producing raw and exciting new narratives of acceptance and adaptation. There is much reflection on the complexities of disability and blackness, but humanity is the core that profoundly shaped these artistic developments. In the backdrop of muted hues and vibrant colors, moving shapes and sounds, this vast repository of performance artists is activating communities, sparking necessary dialogue, uprooting pressing concerns, and capturing the communally shared ethos that ties us together.

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to recognize the exceptional historical and creative cultural contributions made by Black people with disabilities. Therefore, we must also reflect on the realities and challenges that continue to shape their lives. Today, too many people with disabilities still face significant challenges accessing the supports, services, and accommodations they need to live their daily lives. These challenges continue to disproportionately impact Black people with disabilities.

Together these performances are indicative of how these artists have created innovative ways to capture the ephemeral and enduring moments that shape our experiences. They have created transformative work that contains the power and content to encompass our universal challenges. The result is a profoundly riveting connection that binds us all.

Special thanks to our staff & volunteers for making this exhibition possible.

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