Loraine Klaiber

This multi-disciplinary artist with Caribbean roots is based in The Netherlands. Through her own movement in Creative Arts called WaterOfWords-WoW , she inspires people to the depths of their souls with pillars such as art, calligraphy, dance, spoken word, poetry and speaking. She teaches and performs various dance styles from Latin to inspirational and includes people with and without so-called disabilities as part of her movement. Her creations spring forth from her soul, with a higher purpose to touch hearts in divine ways to water souls, often on the journey of life, with a meditative intent or even therapeutic. She often combines different mediums in her works and multiple projects. Some of writings have been published in collective bundles mostly in The Netherlands. As an international artist, she has participated in several exhibitions across Europe and the Caribbean, and recently won the People’s Choice Award at Ikouii’s virtual Open 2020.