PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA (February 19, 2018) – The Ikouii Creative presents a black history month group exhibition of works featuring metro Atlanta artists. Eternal Pursuit opens on Tuesday, February the 20th at the newly opened Peachtree Corners City Hall. The exhibition that runs till March the 9th is hosted by the city of Peachtree Corners and sponsored by Bridges Peachtree Corners. Eternal Pursuit will feature artist, Alexi Torres who will exhibit select works from his “Sun Light” series. Torres is known for his large scale surreal oil paintings that are painted to appear as if knitted and woven. His artistic inspiration is derived from everyday organic objects, such as leaves, feathers, basket weavings, and cloth. It is driven by a love of nature and his dedication to perfecting a unique technique of oil painting. The exhibition also features select works by Dawn Williams-Boyd, who is known for her large scale ‘cloth paintings’ packed with vibrant, often life sized figures embellished with beads, sequins, cowry shells and hand embroidery and bold messages; Janelle Washington, who creates signature paper cut silhouettes to celebrate her rich African American culture embedded with African proverbs; printmaker Traci Mims whose works are inspired by social issues and her experience uses symbolism and cultural allegory; Aleatha Lindsay whose paintings are juxtapositions of fluid gestures and mixed media works explore the qualities of interactions; with humanity and within environments; and Wycliffe Linc Bennett who constructs layered sculptural paintings with recognizable assemblages of black cultural imagery. The exhibition is curated by Aleatha Lindsay, Director of Curatorial Affairs at The Ikouii Creative. “We are very proud of the collection of work for Eternal Pursuit, which is a celebration of black culture and identity from different perspectives in various mediums, including cloth paintings and sculptural art.” Says curator and exhibiting artist, Aleatha Lindsay. Eternal Pursuit will run till March 9, 2018. The artists will be present at the opening reception Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from 5pm to 7pm at the Peachtree Corners City Hall -310 Technology Pkwy, NW, Peachtree Corners, Georgia. The collection is open to public viewing during City Hall hours. For more information, 404-642-3525 The Ikouii Creative is a disability-led nonprofit organization based in Georgia committed to providing opportunities and support for artists with disabilities as well as transforming cultural institutions into an engaging and meaningful space for all visitors of various disabilities.