Mobility Re-Imagined

November 5. 2021 – December 17. 2021

A. Laura Brody

My works draw from the history of art: the flowing shapes of Art Nouveau, the embellishments of the Victorians and the line quality of Klimt and Schiele. These sculptures are conceived with a commitment to social justice and are inspired by the spirit of scientific discovery. They are meant to encourage conversation and to inspire radical rethinking of the meanings of disability and adaptive aids.

Special thanks to our staff, volunteers, and donors for making this exhibition possible. Our gratitude to the exhibiting artist for allowing us to share their work. 

A. Laura Brody
The Firebird
2014. Reused textiles and beads. 40″ x 36″ x 36″

A. Laura Brody believes that we are all buried treasure. She re-imagines mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers as works of art. These pieces begin with discarded medical devices and are given new personalities. Their goal is to spark new conversations and help change our approach to disability and aging. Re-using and repurposing materials is a crucial part of this work.

Ms. Brody is a professional costume maker and designer who came to disability art after a former partner had a stroke.  She was fascinated by adaptive technology, but repulsed by its cold and clinical design. Her curiosity and fascination with how we view disability led her to develop Opulent Mobility, a series of group exhibits that re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. Opulent Mobility first began in 2013 as a small weekend event at the Bell Arts Factory in Ventura and since then has grown to attract artists from around the world. The exhibits have been featured in the Improvised Life, Create Magazine, Shoutout LA, and on Frances Anderton’s radio program DnA.

Laura’s art has been shown at ACE/121 Gallery, Brea Gallery, the Charles River Museum of Industry, Westbeth Center for the Arts, California State University Northridge, Gallery Expo, the Dora Stern Gallery at Arts Unbound, and The World of Wearable Art. She is passionate about reuse, sustainability, social justice, and re-imagining disability.

All photos by Heidi Marie Photography