MASKED: Self Portraits of a Pandemic

August 1. 2020 – October 6. 2020

This virtual exhibition brings together art from around the world, tapping into a central theme inspired by the COVID-19 crisis. The theme is open to a broad exploration of major events and incidents that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as sinophobia as well as prejudice, ableism, audism, xenophobia, discrimination, violence, and racism.

Artists were encouraged to interpret the concept of self-portrait broadly. Anything from a true-to-life likeness to a reinvented self-portrait using an object or text that captures who you are. All styles of self-portraiture, including realism, abstraction, representational, traditional, non-representational, modern, and conceptual, were welcomed to allow artists to showcase their individuality and unique style while also revealing insight into their experience of the current global pandemic.

Exhibiting Artists: Athena Cooper, Ellen VanderMyde, Bernarda G Dejesus, Kimberly Messano, Jordan Weisenauer, Katie Zemel, Brad Friedman, Lori Dunsmore, Cheryl Kinderknecht, Ellen Mansfield, George Utter, Antoinette Thompson, Loraine Klaiber, Janelle Washington

Paper-cut Art by Janelle Washington | Ikouii Artist