LORAINE KLAIBER is a Surinamese multi-talented lady from The Netherlands with St. Lucian roots.

I started my own movement in Creative Arts to inspire people called Water of Words-WOW, with pillars such as dance, spoken word, poetry, coaching, motivational speaking and calligraphy art.

I have been teaching and performing various dance styles from Latin to inspirational and including people with and without so-called disabilities as part of my movement. Because I believe we all have a rhythm of our own hearts to follow, maybe just with some extra coaching.

I dance with Words, as I write poetry or wordplays in calligraphy, combined with spiritual and decorative drawings and paintings. My writings, just like my dancing, usually spring forth from my heart & soul, with a higher purpose to touch hearts in a divine way with words that flow to water your soul, often on the journey of life. I also write on request and often work on several projects using different mediums from paper to stones to create unique art pieces, personalized!

I have a Dual Master in Organizational Change & Consultancy and a Bachelor in International Management, specialized in sustainability and ecological products. I finalized my Master Thesis at the Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management on the meaning of life on the work floor. But certain things you will not learn in school but from life itself.

My brother with downsyndrome always reminds me of the Universal Love we all connect to, the simplicity of joy and things that truly matter in life.  I truly hope that we all will be able to rise above our challenges and labels of socalled disabilities and soar to our greatest potential.

To be honest, I personally don’t like the word disability at all. I consider myself well on my way to journey of healing and in a way believe we are all healing from something. And that the Journey of Life is peeling more and more layers regarding our inner most being. At the same time I believe we are truly all magnificent just the way we are!

That’s exactly where I would like to touch hearts! I feel intensely driven to create; firstly it’s therapeutic for my own being and than it becomes a testimony for others in their own process. Which is than again such a blessing for me! Passion as a Mission to serve a Calling.

I hope it enlightens you, touches you deeply. As I feel honored and grateful for this Journey of following my heart with art! It has taken me places beyond my imagination even in the midst of desperation when I wasn’t able to dance fully the way I used to. I had to learn to trust the process and appreciate the blessing in disguise while everything looked like a complete mess, learn how to shine bright in the valley. It was then that God opened up amazing new doors for me with my other creative talents to the light internationally! I have been part of different exhibitions in The Netherlands and in Barbados, where I  debuted internationally in 2018 through my participation the Caribbean Fine Arts fair. Consequently successfully launched high quality prints of my art and cards.  I have performed previously at TEDxRotterdam, Spoken Awards FM, Ultimate Black Gospel Festival, Gospelfest Barbados amongst others. Some of my work has been featured in releases of various collective publications in The Netherlands and am working on my own publication.