lines of communication

Elizabeth Mayton

March 12 – March 31, 2018

Extended till April 5, 2018

LINES OF COMMUNICATION is about the complicated world of having a hearing loss. The lines of communication are often broken or entangled; a daily issue for me. I may paint one continuous line or several.
The lines in my work are not always clear or connected. They often overlap and entwine. I have my good hearing days and my bad hearing days. Some pieces include a person with a hand over the mouth or on the face.
When people cover their mouths I usually can’t understand what they are saying, because I depend on lip reading to help me understand. I need to see all of the person’s face. When someone covers their mouth I might try to envision what their lips look like, which is why in some of these portraits you can see the lips through the hands.
I hope that one will look at my work and also see the humor and bizarre. Plenty of awkward, funny, and strange experiences have occurred due to not always having access to clear lines of communication.