Jade Ramos


Art and my disabilities have been there since the very beginning. I do not remember a time where I was ever not interested in making work / becoming an artist. Before coming to Moore College of Art & Design in 2016, I had to get my right eye completely removed and that sparked something within me. I started documenting my healing process through watercolor self portraits, paintings, and photography which slowly transformed into what I am currently doing. My entire artistic practice has to do with the experience of navigating and living in a world not made for you.

My creative process and the different mediums I use (markers, stencils, paint, ink & fabric) are determined by my eye and how fatigued I am. The stencils and markers are my go to’s currently because I can use and see and feel them well enough to make large quantities of work. My work helps me both raise awareness, educate a wide range of people, and get some healing out of it as well. It is really cathartic and validating. Disabled people are the largest minority group with the least amount of representation; I want to share my story and the stories of those who have disabilities and make what’s usually ignored or forgotten about no longer can be.