INSIDE THE STUDIO | Writing & Well-being by Christina Jane

Hello, this is C. J. for the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. When it comes to well being, I’ve found I’m much better off now I do write as opposed to before when I saw writing as a luxury I was too busy to have time for, something I’d endlessly put off. Part of this was due to busyness of life and part of it was due to fear, not wanting to start in case it turned out to be a failure. Now I know that writing is an integral part of me and even at the worst times in my life I can turn to it and spin my trauma into gold, create poetry and stories even as my heart it breaking or life seems intolerably hard. Finding out you have Autism as an adult, after you’ve gone through all the difficulty of getting to a certain point, is a very difficult road to travel upon. Having poetry and other writing as an outlet meant that I was able to mentally and emotionally process what had happened and my new understanding through words. My difficulties had already pushed me into anxiety and depression but writing gave me a chance to either escape or focus on what had happened to me. I continue to try to be positive, look after myself, eat well and get regular exercise. Writing is definitely something that helps me and through telling my story I could potentially help other autistic girls and women. – Christina Jane/ C.J.

CHRISTINA JANE / C. J. is a female Autistic Spoken Word Artist who has performed at Autism Anglia’s Neurofantastic on the Spoken Word Stage. She has also performed with Mary-Ann Ambrose and Mates at a poetry event called Emotional Madness. She has also performed in the Three Wise Monkey’s basement reading poetry under the name ‘Satine’ in Poetry Brothel Colchester.  Her poems have been published in a Future Voices Young Writers Anthology and The Unfamiliars zines. She is also a Public Speaker for Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

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