INSIDE THE STUDIO | Organisation by Christina Jane

Organisation really helps me with my work. My work space has a monthly calendar, weekly and daily plans in it. I will write a list of what I have to do daily and schedule times for ordinary duties as well as writing. I’d I didn’t have this organisation, I would find it difficult to do writing as time would just elapse unproductively. I think it is harder for me to plan and it takes me longer to do due to my Autism. However I have learnt how to plan and organise myself and it makes me feel more aware of my responsibilities and more in control of my life. When it comes to writing I am learning how to plan through plotting. Sometimes my poems have structure, sometimes they are more free form,depending on the nature of the inspiration. – Christina Jane/ C.J.

CHRISTINA JANE / C. J. is a female Autistic Spoken Word Artist who has performed at Autism Anglia’s Neurofantastic on the Spoken Word Stage. She has also performed with Mary-Ann Ambrose and Mates at a poetry event called Emotional Madness. She has also performed in the Three Wise Monkey’s basement reading poetry under the name ‘Satine’ in Poetry Brothel Colchester.  Her poems have been published in a Future Voices Young Writers Anthology and The Unfamiliars zines. She is also a Public Speaker for Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

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