INSIDE THE STUDIO | My Creative Process by Christina Jane

Hello, this is C. J. for the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. It’s great to talk to you about my creative process. I’m a very verbal person, an Authoress with diverse genres and formats. I write songs, poems, short stories and I’m writing my first movie. I’m better at creating things on paper than talking as I can edit it. My creative process when writing is to overwrite, as a lot of the words and meanings might be repeated so through the editing process I can hone in on what I want to say. In a way it’s like chemistry, I get all my information and data, which might be considered chemicals in the chemistry example, and I distil it until it’s what I want to say. I compress and cut the words repeatedly on a Word document until it becomes the final product. I hope this has been interesting for you. I’m C. J. and I’m very grateful to be part of the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. I hope this little glimpse of my ideas about my writing process is fascinating for you. – Christina Jane/ C.J.

CHRISTINA JANE / C. J. is a female Autistic Spoken Word Artist who has performed at Autism Anglia’s Neurofantastic on the Spoken Word Stage. She has also performed with Mary-Ann Ambrose and Mates at a poetry event called Emotional Madness. She has also performed in the Three Wise Monkey’s basement reading poetry under the name ‘Satine’ in Poetry Brothel Colchester.  Her poems have been published in a Future Voices Young Writers Anthology and The Unfamiliars zines. She is also a Public Speaker for Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

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