INSIDE THE STUDIO | Brainstorming by Christina Jane

Hello, this is C. J. for the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. These are my thoughts on brainstorming. When I start a project I do try to research as much as possible, if not before then definitely during the writing process. It’s about trying to come up with the maximum amount of words, ideas, data and topics and then editing out or deleting extraneous details until all is left is what I want to convey. It’s important to brainstorm, for example when coming up with some poems I will just write out everything even if it’s a tangent unrelated to the main subject. In a way this is interesting as I’ve had poems that have suddenly changed direction, evolved a deeper meaning or started off sad and had a happy ending which was a surprise to me. One of the exciting things about my writing is that I’m always trying to surprise myself as well as being genuinely surprised by my inspiration. I hope the surprising nature of my writing is translated along to the readers that read it in the end. When you come at a topic from different ways it makes you wonder what is going to happen next. This is your sneak peek behind the scenes for the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. – Christina Jane/ C.J.


CHRISTINA JANE / C. J. is a female Autistic Spoken Word Artist who has performed at Autism Anglia’s Neurofantastic on the Spoken Word Stage. She has also performed with Mary-Ann Ambrose and Mates at a poetry event called Emotional Madness. She has also performed in the Three Wise Monkey’s basement reading poetry under the name ‘Satine’ in Poetry Brothel Colchester.  Her poems have been published in a Future Voices Young Writers Anthology and The Unfamiliars zines. She is also a Public Speaker for Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

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