INSIDE THE STUDIO | A Day in the Life by Christina Jane

Hello, this is C. J. for the ‘Inside the Studio’ series. As I work from home, I get to plan and schedule my own days. Once or twice a week I will go to the gym, swim, steam room and shower then come back home to plot or write. Sometimes inspiration will surprise me out of the blue and lead me to focus on writing and drop other priorities. Often I will expose myself to interesting articles, videos, TV series, movies or data on the Internet and will have inspiration in relation to this. I do have some reference books, but for me ideas, characters and dialogue is easier to create that other aspects of writing. Trying to write or plan/plot my writing every day has been helpful but not always possible. Writing an outline/plot of my longer works like novels and movies is helping me structure my work and giving me the hope that I can achieve a finished first draft. – Christina Jane/ C.J.


CHRISTINA JANE / C. J. is a female Autistic Spoken Word Artist who has performed at Autism Anglia’s Neurofantastic on the Spoken Word Stage. She has also performed with Mary-Ann Ambrose and Mates at a poetry event called Emotional Madness. She has also performed in the Three Wise Monkey’s basement reading poetry under the name ‘Satine’ in Poetry Brothel Colchester.  Her poems have been published in a Future Voices Young Writers Anthology and The Unfamiliars zines. She is also a Public Speaker for Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

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