DISCARDED Selected Artists Announced

Opening April, The Ikouii Creative will recognize National Recycle Month with DISCARDED, a virtual recycle art exhibition. Ikouii brings together an amazing group of artists to showcase their creativity by transforming waste materials and discarded objects into art to raise awareness of environmental protection. This virtual exhibit of aesthetically powerful works will educate a global audience about plastic pollution and spark positive changes in consumer habits.

Exhibiting artists include Ghanaian- American visual artist and wearable art designer, Nana YaaSerwaah Akuoku of New York. Filippo Francocci, an Italian visual artist who is also a musician and songwriter based in Spain. Bethany Grabert, a ceramic sculpturist based in Atlanta that explores the sociopolitical history of identity, domestic life, religion, domestic abuse, and reproductive health. Laura Mychal, an artist who works with found materials to focus on issues associated with environmentalism. Alaina Williams a mixed media artist, actress, singer, and interior designer based in Atlanta. Collaborators Ellen Kleckner and Linda Tien also contributed aesthetically pleasing works.

Also exhibiting is Antoinette Thompson, an indigenous contemporary artist from the Navajo Reservation who uses her culture and lifestyle to express to the world about her culture and her people. David Isakson, a Jewish schizophrenic emerging outsider artist who is based in Oak Park, California. Labdhi Shah a self-taught artist from India who is also an economist, clinical psychologist, and an art therapist. Deaf artists Ellen Mansfield, Lori Dunsmore, as well as Sheri Youens-Un, a wood artist whose work focuses on Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.

Ikouii sought a selection committee comprised of local influence, global perspective, and expert experience to ensure an exhibition of fresh and exciting work by new and emerging talent. Each work is comprised of at least 70 percent of recycled (discarded/found) materials man-made or organic.

The selection committee involved Laura Hernandez, a Georgia-based zero waste and sustainability evangelist, writer, speaker, community organizer, and influencer. Monica Jahan Bose, an award-winning, Bangladeshi-American artist, lawyer, and climate activist. It also involved, Ikouii Founder Aleatha Lindsay, an Atlanta based, award-winning multi-disciplinary artist, independent curator, disability advocate, and published author.

DISCARDED: A RECYCLE ART EXHIBIT opens virtually on Saturday, April 3rd at 1PM Eastern. It will be available for public viewing at Ikouii.com

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Nana YaaSerwaah Akuoku
  • Lori Dunsmore
  • Filippo Francocci
  • Bethany Grabert
  • Ellen Kleckner
  • David Isakson
  • Ellen Mansfield
  • Laura Mychal
  • Linda Tien
  • Antoinette Thompson
  • Labdhi Shah
  • Alaina Williams
  • Sheri Youens-Un

Selection Committee:

  • Monica Jahan Bose
  • Laura Hernandez
  • Aleatha Lindsay


  • April 3, 2021 at 1PM EST
  • Ikouii.com
  • FREE. Suggested Donation $5
  • Transcription Available for the Visually Impaired upon request
  • info@ikouii.com
  • 404.642.3525


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