Ikouii Welcomes New Artists (Summer 2019)

The Ikouii Creative is excited to welcome and introduce new artists!

India Harville of San Leandro, California, is an African American, femme queer, disabled, Access-Centered Movement dancer, choreographer, bodyworker, and social justice educator. The unifying thread in India’s work is facilitating people working with their bodies as a vehicle for personal and collective growth and transformation. View Ikouii Profile

Cheryl Kinderknecht, who is based in Bradenton, Florida, is a mixed media artist who happens to be visually impaired/legally blind secondary to retinitis pigmentosa. While this degenerative condition limits how much she can see, she relies upon intuition, dreams, emotions, and panoramic visual memories to inform and drive her work. View Ikouii Profile

Loraine Klaiber of the Netherlands. An artist of Surinamese descent with St. Lucian roots, Loraine started a movement in the Creative Arts to inspire people called Water of Words-WOW, with pillars such as dance, spoken word, poetry, coaching, motivational speaking and calligraphy art. She has been teaching and performing various dance styles from Latin to inspirational and including people with and without so-called disabilities as part of her movement. View Ikouii Profile

Images courtesy of Artists, India Harville, Cheryl Kinderknecht, Loraine Klaiber