Ikouii Welcomes New Artist (Summer 2022)

The Ikouii Creative welcomes Singapore based artist, Anna Ng.

Imaginative, intuitive and intrepid, Anna is a self taught abstract expressionist working with mixed media based in Singapore. She states that her current works are “innate expressions of the unspoken volumes within us”. “Often time in abstracts, it is the thing that we can’t put a finger on that beckons, delights and heals us. Shapes, lines, marks and colors speak to my inferiority and those conversations are what I endeavor to bring out on paper. The viewer is invited to explore the interpretations of their interactions with my artworks” she continues. Her artworks have received numerous awards and published internationally. She was awarded in the Artist Network Magazine for “Best in Watercolor” and at the International Watercolors Masters in the UK. She has also collaborated with brands such as Biopak, biodegradable coffee cups and the cosmetics giant LUSH UK in which her works were commissioned.

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