JUNE 1. 2019 – AUGUST 1. 2019

Gwendolyn Anne Davies, Ann Marie DiStefano, Terresa Ford, Cheryl Kinderknecht,
Ellen Mansfield, Cassandra Sandy Rind, Alaina Williams

Inspired Identity explores the interwoven influence of art, disability, culture, and societal attributes that make up their identity, sense of self – What inspires us further into our identity? How does impairment barriers influence our identity? What capacity does society have to affect our identity?

The Ikouii Open is an annual online group exhibition of artwork created by both disabled and non-disabled artists. Artists who practice in a variety of mediums or discipline at any stage in their art career are encouraged to submit work in response to a disability-centered theme. The goal of the open is to activate social movements, educate, inspire, and evoke change within the arts and disability communities.

Cheryl Kinderknecht – Bradenton, FL

Birth Mother
2019. Acrylic Mixed Media.
H41.75″ x W31.5″ x D1.25″

Disability Nation
2018. Acrylic Mixed Media Collage
25.5″ x 25.5″ x 1.5″

Ellen Mansfield – Frederick, MD

www.ellenmansfield.com / Instagram

Curly Lady, Flower Vase and Deaf Coffee
2017. Oil on Canvas. 40 x 30 inches

Birth of Deaf Mother and Deaf Baby
2016. Oil on Canvas. 40 x 30

Gwendolyn Anne Davies – Rochester, NY
www.gwendolynanne.com / Instagram

Self-Portrait: Shapewear
2017. 36 x 24.

Self-Portrait: Bikini
2017. 36 x 24.

Self-Portrait: Scar
2017. 36 x 24.