Ikouii Open | Awards Announcement

Congratulations to Cheryl Kinderknecht for “Best in Show” of the Ikouii Open this year! Kinderknecht, who is based in Bradenton, Florida, is a mixed media artist who happens to be visually impaired/legally blind secondary to retinitis pigmentosa. While this degenerative condition limits how much she can see, she relies upon intuition, dreams, emotions, and panoramic visual memories to inform and drive her work. Originally from Kansas, her formal art training includes an art degree from Fort Hays (KS) State University. Her work is exhibited in local galleries, juried regional and national shows and private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

“As an artist with a visual impairment, my actual vision is a secondary process used in my artwork – – – I rely more upon my “mind’s eye” with its panoramic visual memories and emotional context to drive my work. Dreams, metaphors, ancestral ties, and memories are conjured up from my inner landscape, while the shapes, textures and colors of nature further anchor and inform my work.

I am most at home when I create from an intuitive perspective, letting my subconscious serve as the catalyst and guide for my artistic expression. I like to believe that my limited, fragmented and flickering vision brings an unexpected perspective and intuitive freedom to my creative process.” – Cheryl Kinderknecht

Also awarded, Ikouii Artist, Ellen Mansfield of Frederick, Maryland for “Honorable Mention” and Gwendolyn Anne Davies of Rochester, New York for “People’s Choice Award” in which viewer’s voted via Facebook. Congratulations to all our exhibiting artists for their participation. We thank you for sharing your “Inspired Identity” with us! The exhibition explored the interwoven influence of art, disability, culture, and societal attributes that make up their identity, sense of self. The exhibition features artists, Gwendolyn Anne Davies, Ann Marie DiStefano, Terresa Ford, Cheryl Kinderknecht, Ellen Mansfield, Cassandra Sandy Rind, Alaina Williams.

The virtual gallery will run from June 1st – August 1st, 2019.

To learn more and view the exhibition, go here.

Missed the live opening and artist talks? Catch up, Here!

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