IKOUII OPEN 2022: Selection Committee Announced

The Ikouii Creative brings together a Selection Committee comprised of unique perspectives and expertise in the field of art and religion to review, select, and ensure an exhibition of fresh diverse talent. We are honored to have the committee involved and cannot wait to announce the exhibiting artists for this year’s Ikouii Open. The committee will select work from artists globally that responds to this year’s disability-centered theme on the intersection of spirituality, religion, and disability.

The Ikouii Open is an annual online group exhibition of artwork created by both disabled and non-disabled artists worldwide. The goal of the open is to activate social movements, educate, inspire, and evoke change within the arts and disability communities. Artists who practice in a variety of mediums or disciplines at any stage in their art career are encouraged to submit work in response to a disability-centered theme. The 4th Annual Ikouii Open will include all art forms and genres. Art submission deadline is October 30th.

The Selection Committee includes Patty Liang, the Executive Director of Deaf Spotlight , which oversees creative and cultural programming to support Deaf artists and their work. Throughout her career, Patty has pursued opportunities that encourage the Deaf community to embrace and celebrate the arts. She has a BFA in Ceramics from the University of Washington, and an MA in Nonprofit Management for the Arts from New York University. She believes that everyone has the ability to create and express their story through the arts. 

Founder & Artistic Director of Full Radius Dance, a physically integrated dance company, Douglas Scott will also be acting as a member of the Selection Committee. Earning a B.F.A. in Performing Arts at Western Kentucky University, Douglas Scott moved to Atlanta after graduation to spend several seasons with the Ruth Mitchell Dance Company where he performed works by Ruth Mitchell, Ron Cunningham, Monica Levy, and Sal Aiello. Douglas is the founder of the Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival which showcases the best modern and contemporary dance companies and artists in the southeast. In 2014, Douglas was honored with a Governor’s Award for the Arts & Humanities. Presented by the Office of the Governor in partnership with Georgia Council for the Arts and the Georgia Humanities Council, the Governor’s Awards pay tribute to the most distinguished citizens and organizations that have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to work in the arts and humanities in Georgia.

Andrew Walker-Cornetta, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Georgia State University. His research explores cultural locations of disability as sites of religious practice. He teaches courses on disability and memoir, theories and methods in the study of religion, and religion, race, and health in US history. Alabama-born and Atlanta-raised, Myrna Clayton, whether performing in the United States or abroad, her performances are simply unforgettable leaving audiences mesmerized by her soul-filled jazzy style. Myrna as a solo artist who has performed in France, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belarus and Russia. Myrna is now recognized as a U.S. Cultural Arts Ambassador. Dear to Myrna’s heart is advocacy for the musically under-served and under-represented. Myrna started SHOWAbility (formerly ABEL 2) for artists and audiences on the disability spectrum to highlight their unique talents and build their confidence on stage so they can help change the negative stigma narrative associated with individuals with disabilities.

Ikouii Founder Aleatha Lindsay will also serve on the selection committee. Lindsay is an Atlanta based award-winning multi-disciplinary artist, independent curator, disability advocate, and published author. She is a graduate of Georgia State University, Russell Sage College, as well as Savannah College of Art & Design where she holds a Master of Arts in Creative Business Leadership. She has held curatorial and leadership roles at several arts organizations in the metro Atlanta area including Kudzu Art Zone – Art Center and Gallery. Deaf from the age of 2, she has a lifelong passion for inclusion and accessibility in the arts. Her work has been purchased by collectors nationally and exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Spain, Morocco, and Norway.

IKOUII OPEN 2022 will be installed online at Ikouii.com and open virtually to the public on December 3rd, International Day of Disabled Persons.

ABOUT THE IKOUII CREATIVE The Ikouii Creative is a disability-led organization committed to providing opportunities and support for artists with disabilities as well as transforming cultural institutions into an engaging and meaningful space for all visitors. The Ikouii Creative serves artists worldwide, in countries including the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Israel, and India. The organization offers a diverse spectrum of exhibitions, events, and programs to amplify its impact in the arts sector.

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Header image: Patty Liang of Deaf Spotlight, Douglas Scott of Full Radius Dance, Myrna Scott of Showability, Andrew Walker-Cornetta of Georgia State University