The Red Accordion(1)

Ikouii Artist Showcase 2024

On View

May 25 – August 25. 2024

The Ikouii Creative is proud and honored to present the Ikouii Artist Showcase, an annual open-themed self curated exhibition that features work from artist members of the organization. This showcase is one of the ways the organization provides spaces for artists to share work, seek conversation, and opportunities for collaboration in an accessible and inclusive manner. Please visit the artists’ pages and join them on social media. Contact us at if you are interested in purchasing work from any of the artists within the showcase.


The Ikouii Creative, Aleatha Lindsay


Exhibiting Artists

A. Laura Brody, India Harville, David Isakson, Cheryl Kinderknect, Loraine Klaiber, Anna Ng, Emily Johnson



Exhibiting Ikouii Artists

A. Laura Brody is the founder of Opulent Mobility, a series of exhibits that re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. She also hosts the online lecture series Genius Teatime. Ms. Brody was recently awarded a California Arts Council Individual Artists Fellowship for her art and curatorial work and a grant from Ability Central to further the accessibility of her exhibits and programming. Along with her disability arts community she builds opportunities and starts genuine conversations about diversity, access, and inclusion.

Brody has an MFA in costume design from California Institute of the Arts and a longtime professional career as a costume creator. She changed course several times but kept returning to art, community learning, and social justice. Her art has been shown at ACE/121 Gallery, Art Share LA, Brea Gallery, California State University Northridge, the Charles River Museum of Industry, the Dora Stern Gallery, Ikouii Creative, the Los Angeles Makery, Westbeth Center For the Arts, and The World of Wearable Art. Opulent Mobility was held at the Mike Curb Gallery at CSUN, Thymele Arts, Arts Unbound, AVC Gallery, online, and The Los Angeles Makery, and will be at Brand Library in May 2025.



Cheryl Kinderknecht is an abstract artist whose formal educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in art. Regardless of the subject matter portrayed or the medium used, her work is heavily influenced by the colors, patterns, strata, and textures of the Kansas High Plains landscape where she grew up. Kinderknecht further relies upon emotions, dreams, and memories to anchor and inform her work. Much of her inspiration is from within . . . an intuitive, stream of consciousness process that expresses a mood or creates a sense of movement, balance, rhythm, and tension. Kinderknecht’s work is exhibited in local galleries, juried regional and national shows, and is included in private and corporate collections.



Loraine Klaiber is a Surinamese international multi disciplinary artist based in The Netherlands with St. Lucian roots and a great love for Barbados. She established her own movement in Creative Arts to inspire people called Water of Words-WOW, with pillars such as calligraphy, art, spoken word, poetry, dance and public motivational speaking. She creates Therapeutic & Healing Arts as an Energetic belly masseuse, exposing many layers invoking deep reflection. Besides publications and performances, her work featured on screen and she has been part of different exhibitions & projects in The Netherlands, UK and Caribbean, and previously won the Ikouii's Peoples Choice Award.


Anna Ng is an abstract expressionist working with mixed media. She delights in the spontaneity of abstracts, as often times, it is the things that we can’t put a finger on that beckon, delight and heal us. Art is how she intuitively connects to the universe around her; a way to explore her feelings and what moves her. She is happiest when she paints and this joy radiates into her works. Anna’s works have received international awards and been published. She has collaborated with Biopak with her artwork featured on their biodegradable coffee cups and was also commissioned by Lush UK to create a design for a gift box. Most recently she collaborated with Benefit cosmetics Middle East on a series of tote bag designs.

David Isakson was born in 1969 to an art history professor and his wife a psychology major. He lives and works in Twentynine Palms, CA in the Hi Desert. He is a small-time operator. David finds meaning in the contrast between opposite poles. His work is an effort to balance the difference of my schizophrenic mind and aging human body. David believes he is a product of a changing environment and uses technology against itself. “I come from a world before nanoplastics. I bring into question modern technology, as a point of reference. I bring antiquated technology; adding machines, typewriters, cameras, shoes, telephone parts, stereoscope viewers, drills, bicycles, boxing gloves, bird wings and animal bones, ad infinitum into a flux where the combination of materials begins to create, ex machina, a personal meaning, an idea. I have done over 140 group shows. I weld and join materials to make humorous deconstructions out of everyday objects. My art is a self-taught outsider deconstruction that blurs the classical distinctions between inside and outside. Portrait and self.”


Emily Johnson grew up in South Jersey, step daughter to a first-generation Italian born American step dad. Emily was provided materials to create as far back as I can remember, and have always cultivated that skill in various media. She took an assortment of art classes while attending Sage College of Albany in Albany, NY, and graduated with a Bachelors in 2011. Married in 2014 and now, with three kids, my epic husband affords me the environment to continue to pursue all my artistic endeavors within a balance of my other responsibilities. Emily believes in free-styled art. In the power of positive thought flow to unlock the deepest, most beautiful sides of ourselves which we are not even yet aware. And also, that art makes a difference.



India Harville (she/her) is an African American, femme queer, disabled, multi-media artist, choreographer, bodyworker, and social justice educator. The unifying thread in India’s work is facilitating people working with their bodies as a vehicle for personal and collective growth and transformation. India’s chronic health journey has been her most constant influence and most antagonizing dance partner rolled into one, providing equal measures of inspiration and challenge. India’s performance work addresses racial justice, queer identity, survivorhood, disability and chronic illness. Including an intersectional analysis in her work and offering a critique around the exclusivity of the mainstream dance world is important to India. She wants to complicate the conversation around what inclusivity in dance means to not just include superficial accessibility but also include chronically ill and disabled fat bodies, queer and genderqueer bodies, and all experience levels of dancers. Her aim is to help deconstruct hierarchical structures of dance and to interrupt the racism/ableism/heteronormativity/sizeism inherent in it. India has garnered support for her artistic work from the Bay Area Queer Arts Festival and the California Arts Council. As a two-time recipient of Movement Research’s Access.Movement.Play Residency, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, she's currently producing her latest piece, “Liminal.”



India Harville


Dance Potraiture. 2024


Love Song (2)(1)

Cheryl Kinderknecht

Love Song

Mixed Media Collage

13.5 x 13.5 x 1.5 inches. 2021




Canyon Walls(1)

Cheryl Kinderknecht

Canyon Walls

Mixed Media Collage. 15.75 x 12.75 inches. 2023




Brody, ALaura_Self Portrait_Reused textiles and notions_37x24.5inches_2023_$1000

A. Laura Brody

Self Portrait with my Great Grandmother's Shawl

Remnant fabrics, notions, leather, and thread

37 x 24.5 x 0.25 inches. 2023







David Isakson

Insecurity Camera

Assemblage. 4 x 5 x 7 inches. 2020








David Isakson

Heaven Holds A Place for Those Who Pray

Assemblage. 6 x 8 x 6 inches. 2023.






iSHOE 5 X 4 X 9

David Isakson


Assemblage. 5 x 4 x 9 inches. 2016





Emily Johnson

The Winner: A Cross-section of Infinityville

Mixed Media. 36×36 inches. 2023





The Red Accordion(1)

Cheryl Kinderknecht

The Red Accordion

Acrylic. 13.5 x 13.5 inches. 2023





Brody, ALaura_Goddess in Process_Digital photos reused textiles and notions_32x35inches_2023_$1000

A. Laura Brody

Goddess in Process

Digital photos, remnant fabrics and trims, thread

32″ x 35″ x 0.75 inches. 2023





Melusine and her Acolytes_Laura_Brody_300dpi

A. Laura Brody

Melusine and Her Acolytes

Composite Archival Photograph

10″ x 8″ matte archival photo in 15″ x 12″ frame.

$150. Photo by Heidi Marie Photography.

Models: Heather, Waters, Asteria, Numenara, Laurenne, ShaBlakely.
Costumes by A. Laura Brody



Anna Ng_There’s A Way

Anna Ng

There's A Way
Mixed Media. 17×23 inches. 2022



Anna Ng_Inhale, Exhale, Breathe

Anna Ng

Inhale, Exhale, Breathe
Mixed Media. 17x 23 inches. 2022



The Fairy Melusine_Laura Brody_300dpi

A. Laura Brody

The Fairy Melusine

Reused walker, textiles, and notions over plastics, cartons, and wire.

98″ x 42″ x 36″ inches. 2023.

Original $30,000. Prints available, $150.

Photo by Heidi Marie Photography



Wombman’s Worth 7
Wombman’s Worth 7

Loraine Klaiber

Wombman's Worth

Calabash & resin. 6 x 5 x 3 inches. 2023



The calabash plays a prominent role in many Caribbean cultures, for example to take a spiritual bath. The water is often enriched with specific herbs the person may need or loves to bless the soul. The flamboyant flower (Royal Poinciana) enhances certitude, assurance and confidence. It eliminates doubt and hesitation by awakening clarity. It stands for pride, hope, and rest. This is the embodiment of the Womb and a Woman's Worth I felt to depict with this piece. Womb Healing has been a special journey for me and I know it runs very deep in ao Caribbean and African countries.

The root of our Being, connected to Mother Earth – depicted by soil.


Generational trauma travels from generation to generation, till someone breaks the cycle. Especially in the motherline we can see you were already an egg in your grandmother’s womb. Womb Healing matters. Our voices matter. Where are we if we don't respect that Sacred Place? See and value its worth, more than Gold! See the gold leaf 24k merged in the art. Our Ancestors were traded for coffee – hence merged in the resin – as if their value was easily stated. Overseas, which the seaweed and shells represent, while the waters may be a blessing for us as we go on a journey of healing. The Womb of Wombs: Mama Ocean. As you look close.. one may see the calligraphy in gold! Can you imagine sacred scriptures being hidden for our ancestors on their journey unless a certain light would reveal the letters.



“I Am the Answer to my Ancestors Prayers

I Am the … Answer/Ancestor to my future

I Am a Future Ancestor

(I Am the Ancestor) my Descendants will be Grateful for

The Key is within Me


I Am Blessed Loved & Highly Favoured by The Almighty


I shall Thrive


More than just Survive

Break every Chain

Conquer any Strive

Blossom in Abundance

beyond Life


For I Am Worthy

More than Gold

As A Child of the Light & Love






Sacred Roots Healing Waters 2

Loraine Klaiber

Sacred Roots: Healing Waters

Calabash & resin. 6 x 5 x 3 inches. 2023



This special Calabash is enriched with gemstones embodying the Tree of Life with amethyst rose quarts, pearl quarts, cowrie shells, seaweed and a feather to radiate our Sacred Roots. No matter where we come from. As you look close. one may see the calligraphy in gold! Can you imagine sacred scriptures being hidden for our ancestors on their journey unless a certain light would reveal the letters. Look close and see:


“I Cleanse MySelf with the Healing Waters that I AM Free” – L.K.


Water has always played a vital part in our life, and I often imagine our ancestors going to the river/water. Water is one of the most important spiritual medicines and symbol element for healing and blessing. Cultures around the world equate water with healing and energy. Many people believe that water has the ability to absorb prayers, cleanse unwanted energy and refresh the spirit with Living Water. The calabash plays a prominent role in many Caribbean cultures, for example to eat out or take a spiritual bath. The water is often enriched with specific herbs the person may need or loves to bless the soul.These can all be personalized to your desire.


Psalms 1:3 KJV – “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”


Jeremiah 17:7-8 KJV –  “For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.”




India Harville

SCARS: Poems By India Harville




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