Ikouii Artist Membership

Ikouii Artist Membership Benefits

  • Dedicated Ikouii Artist Webpage
  • Artist Development Sessions
  • Inclusion in Yearly Ikouii Artist Showcase
  • 25% Off Professional Development & Artist Services
  • 25% Off Exhibition Submission Fees
  • Access to post on the Ikouii Blog
  • Ikouii Artist Grants

Ikouii Artist Membership Requirement*

  • Ikouii Artist Members must participate in at least one Ikouii exhibition per year
  • Ikouii Artist Members must volunteer at least once a year (Virtual Opportunities are available)

*Failure to meet the minimum requirements will place the artist on probation till they have fulfilled the minimum requirements within a 12 month period. This does not mean you will be stripped of your Ikouii Artist Membership – You just will not receive any benefits till you are off probation.While on probation or inactive, the artist may not be considered for projects with other organizations as well as grants provided by Ikouii.

Important Links & Resources

Submission Guidelines
  • Contact information
  • Your Artist Statement
  • Your Brief Artist Bio/CV
  • 4 samples of work (JPEG)
  • Artist Release Form
  • Profile Photo (Hi-res)
  • Website link

To be considered as an Ikouii Artist: Email info@ikouii.com with the following materials along with any other pertinent information.

Please allow up to two weeks for a reply.


NEW Ikouii Gallery & Vendor Space – Launching in July 2022, Ikouii Artists will have the ability to include works for sale in the online Ikouii Gallery and Vendor Space.  To submit items, please fill out the form HERE.

REMOVED Private Member Facebook Group – This group will allow Ikouii Artist Members to stay updated on happenings at The Ikouii Creative, present opportunities for collaboration and professional development, participation in virtual quarterly art reviews, and be a part of a supportive artist community.

ENFORCED Yearly Volunteer Requirement – Ikouii Artist Members are now required to volunteer at least once a year at Ikouii to remain in good standing. Examples of volunteer opportunities: Providing accessibility audits at museums and galleries we collaborate with worldwide, providing image descriptions for the blind, providing captions for Deaf, assisting with event planning, installation of art for exhibitions. To view current volunteer opportunities, look here.

REMOVED Quarterly Virtual Group Art Review – This is an opportunity for Ikouii Artist Members to share and view each other’s ongoing work and provide positive constructive feedback. This will be done via the private Ikouii Artist Members Facebook group on the scheduled dates. Anytime, throughout the scheduled day, you will go live or post a recorded video of yourself sharing and talking about the works you would like feedback on. Then in return, provide your constructive feedback on other artist’s posts of their ongoing works.