Ikouii Artist Membership Update

Annual Membership Fee – $12/Year ($1 per month)

Membership Benefits

  • Included in Ikouii Online Artist Directory
  • Private Member Facebook Group
  • Virtual Quarterly Group Art Review
  • Consideration for Yearly Ikouii funded Solo Exhibition
  • Discount on Professional Development & Artist Services
  • Access to post on the Ikouii Blog
  • Access to sell work in the Ikouii online Art Gallery
  • Access to dedicated Ikouii Artist Member Merchandise
  • 50% Off Discount on Atlanta Gallery rental fee
  • 25% Off Exhibition Submission Fees
  • 10% Off Ikouii Shop Items

Ikouii Artist Membership Requirement

  • Ikouii Artist Members must participate in at least one Ikouii exhibition per year
  • Ikouii Artist Membership must be paid in full by February 1st of each year.



Private Member Facebook Group – This group will allow Ikouii Artist Members to stay updated on happenings at The Ikouii Creative, present opportunities for collaboration and professional development, participation in virtual quarterly art reviews, and be a part of a supportive artist community. Enter the private group here.

Quarterly Virtual Group Art Review – This is an opportunity for Ikouii Artist Members to share and view each other’s ongoing work and provide positive constructive feedback. This will be done via the private Ikouii Artist Members Facebook group on the scheduled dates. Anytime, throughout the scheduled day, you will go live or post a recorded video of yourself sharing and talking about the works you would like feedback on. Then in return, provide your constructive feedback on other artist’s posts of their ongoing works.

Quarterly Group Art Reviews Dates:

  • March 28, 2021
  • June 27, 2021
  • September 26, 2021
  • December 19, 2021

Ikouii Funded Solo Exhibition – Yearly, a selection committee will select an Ikouii Artist to fund an online solo exhibition. The finalist will receive five-week virtual solo exhibition fully funded by The Ikouii Creative along with an online opening reception, dedicated press and PR support, as well as curatorial support from the selection panel. Applications are open in March of each year. This is not limited to any specific medium or location, any Ikouii Artist Member can apply.

To be considered, you must:

  • Be an Ikouii Artist Member in good standing.
  • Have not had a solo exhibition at Ikouii within the past two years.
  • Have a demonstrated, consistent artistic practice outside an academic setting for three or more years.

The Finalist will receive:

  • Five-week virtual solo exhibition at The Ikouii Creative
  • Curatorial support/mentoring from the selection panel
  • Dedicated social media, newsletter, press, and PR support
  • A Live Virtual Opening Reception/Artist Talk/Q&A

Membership Fee – Due to the outstanding website maintenance expenses, we have opt to charge a low yearly membership fee. If you are not able to pay your membership fee, this does not automatically strip you of your Ikouii Artist title but you will not receive any of the benefits, including your dedicated web page and discounts till your membership fee is paid in full.

Ikouii Artist Member Merch – We now have apparel and items exclusive to Ikouii Artist Members. This includes the Ikouii Artist Member t-shirt, apron, and accessory bag. So that you can represent and show off your Ikouii Artist Member pride. All items are only available to Ikouii Artist Members in good standing.