Ikouii, A Cultural Partner with Art Pharmacy

The Ikouii Creative is excited to share that we are an official Cultural Partner with Art Pharmacy!

Art Pharmacy is an Atlanta-based organization with a mission to help healthcare providers prescribe arts and cultural experiences to patients experiencing mental health issues. As a Cultural Partner, Ikouii joins an network of other Atlanta-based arts and cultural institutions, such as Flux Projects, Oglethorpe Museum of Art, Alliance Theatre and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Cultural Partners offer a wide range of arts experiences such as museum visits, live-streamed performances, dance classes, cypher events, and more to mental health patients. As a cultural partner with Art Pharmacy, Ikouii’s programs and experiences can be prescribed to support mental health goals, such as managing depression, reducing anxiety, alleviating social isolation, and more. At Ikouii, we believe exposure to the arts can have a tremendous positive impact on the mental state of every individual. “We are excited to provide safe, inclusive spaces and experiences for individuals to improve their well-being” says Aleatha Lindsay, Director of The Ikouii Creative.

To learn more about Art Pharmacy – Visit their website here.