Ikouii relies on community support for its mission to providing opportunities for artists with disabilities and transforming the cultural sector into a more inclusive and accessible space for all audiences


Ikouii depends on volunteers at our programming, events, and exhibitions. Volunteers assist with day to day tasks, event planning, Sign Language interpreting, and much more. In this way, we hope local residents, artists, craftspeople, retirees, and activists are empowered to bring access and inclusive attitudes to their communities. Since community building is complex and multi-faceted, whenever necessary, Ikouii Artists engage outside project partners with specialized expertise to address specific project needs.

If interested in volunteering at Ikouii – Please email us at info@ikouii.com with your interests and availability.


Donations are a critical part of our organization’s success and impact. These funds allow us to cover administrative costs, provide artistic development opportunities, provide inclusive programming and events, and support the projects of Ikouii Artists. We also offer the option of monthly giving at Ikouii. By pledging to make a monthly gift, you provide dependable and life-changing resources to artists with disabilities. It helps us budget for the year and make life-altering decisions for a more inclusive arts sector in our communities.

If interested in making a tax-deductible donation to The Ikouii Creative – Please visit our donation page here.