For Organizations

In addition to our exhibitions, programs, and events, Ikouii offers Accessibility Audit, Specialized Inclusive Programming Design, Disability Awareness & Interaction Training, and Access Consultancy
Accessibility Audit

Improving accessibility in cultural institutions is one of Ikouii’s fundamental initiatives. Through this service, organizations across the arts and cultural sector can better serve patrons, employees, and artists with disabilities. The process involves a walk through by a trained auditor and mystery visitors who review the access of the premises, programming, and management of the organization. As a result, the organization receives an access report with quality feedback and recommendations for areas in need of revision. The access report empowers organizations with the information needed to address relevant policies, practices, and procedures.

Specialized Inclusive Programming Design

Ikouii designs inclusive programming for cultural institutions that allow their space and offerings to be more comfortable and engaging for audiences with disabilities. This initiative creates a comprehensive welcoming structure for individuals with varying abilities through the following initiatives: will promote inclusive practices, knowledge and support, to ensure that individuals with disabilities have enriching experiences in arts.

Award-winning program at Oglethorpe University Museum of Art.

Disability Awareness & Interaction Training

Ikouii’s training program is designed to promote inclusive attitudes by providing cultural institutions and professionals with the knowledge and tools required to help build a more engaging, diverse, equal and inclusive cultural sector for audiences with disabilities.

Delivered at the cultural institution by an Ikouii inclusion trainer, our inclusion training program is designed to keep participants engaged, gaining insight in the processes of addressing access issues in a variety of areas, as tailored to your organization’s needs. The cultural institution can use this training as part of a strategic move to becoming more diverse and inclusive.

Access Consultancy

We provide access consultancy to a wide range of organizations. This can involve reviewing policies, working practices, attitudes and communications. Examples include: exhibition layout and design, audience development, etc. Organizations can use access consultancy as a stand alone exercise, or as part of a strategic move to becoming more diverse and inclusive.

Access consultants can support your organization with:

  • Evaluating your implementation program
  • Development of your access action plan
  • Deploying ‘mystery visitors’