Efrat Vaknin


Efrat Vaknin was Born in Beer Sheba, Israel in 1979. She started showing interest in art already at a very early age. Being a tomboy and very curious child, she became a very adventures girl with great sense of independence. Independence that was brutally interrupted following a traffic accident she undergone at the age of 17. After a long period of rehabilitation from both physical and mental trauma, she became very preoccupied with her body and sexuality.

While discovering her “new” sexuality, she began exploring her new physical capabilities and the changes that her body has been going through. After discovering that her body had failed her too many times in doing what she wished for, she decided to test and stretch her body’s capabilities by using it as a tool in her artistic performance. Doing so she was able to deal with her post-traumatic symptoms, low self-esteem and with the physical changes her body was undergoing. This way she was able to expose her body to men with whom she had relationship, and later also publicly in her artistic performance, since she was able to alienate her body from herself and turn it into an art exhibit, which became her therapy.

In 2003, right after being hospitalized with an eating disorder, she started studying art at Ben Gurion university in southern Israel. In her final thesis she exposed her body to the spotlights and tried to visualize her experience as a disabled person through the use of graphic art.

Thereafter she continued presenting her works and her story wherever and whenever she could. Exposing her body and story became more than merely self-therapy, but also a way to find out how other people see her body and realizing their thoughts. She investigated their stare, look, expression, and used that to inspire her in her future art shows.

During her school years she joined Pri Hashalom, an Arab-Jewish artists n.p.o. She began to also present works with a political context, at venues such as the Israeli congress (The Knesset).

After moving to the big city of Tel Aviv she got exposed to different groups that influenced her, such as naturist or BDSM enthusiasts. She gained expertise in guiding people through emotional difficulties, relationships and self-fulfillment. Her guidance relied on modern methods, which help people excepting their inner selves, including the naturist method, which focuses on excepting one’s inner self through the art of loving and being complete with your own body. Her present art work too is inspired by these methods, groups and ideologies.