Book Review | ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors

ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors is a picture book that tells the stories of Deaf men and women born before 1925. It was created with middle school students, their families, schools, libraries and communities in mind.

In general, information on Deaf history and culture is limited when comparative to the hearing counterpart. There is a need for more history content in children’s literature for the Deaf and this certainly takes us in the right direction to fulfilling that need.  I have no doubt this book will be an integral part of reading curriculum within the deaf community.

This book was very well organized and filled with beautiful illustrations by internationally-known Deaf artist and activist, Nancy Rourke. Readers, young and old, deaf and hearing can gain knowledge and inspiration from the collection of bios on Deaf individuals and their accomplishments.

What was most appreciated was the author, Karen Christie’s efforts to include a diverse group of ancestors to highlight. The book included the bios of Deaf men and women, from various walks of life, who worked in a vast variety of fields, from different ethnicities and cultures. In the future, perhaps in the next edition, I would like to see the author highlight those who made contributions to the Deaf community thereafter 1925.

Review by Aleatha Lindsay.

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  1. excellent review – if folks are interested in purchasing the book they can order it at the Surdists United website store.

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