Exhibiting Artists: Eel Costello, Haleigh Givens, Amina Daugherty, Cheryl Kinderknecht, David Isakson, Sharon Dowdell, Hannah Ayers, Matt Elliott, Luke Abdallah, Nitiksha Dawar, Kaushlendra Pratap Singh, Abhishek Kumar, Lori Dunsmore, Ellen Mansfield, James Betts, Lizz Hamilton, Leo Tujak

Curated by Aleatha Lindsay

This exhibition examines the color’s global similarities, its impact on society, and unique meanings across cultures. While most colors conjure tangibles (a red rose, orange fruit, yellow lemon, or green grass), blue often brings to mind the sea and sky, and the dreamy space where the two meet. Blue transcends cultural boundaries and is considered a color of calm worldwide. It can soothe us the way sitting in the sand to watch gentle waves wash ashore soothes us. Blue is said to be the most liked color on the spectrum.

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