APRIL WILLIAMS is an emerging poet and co-founder of the innovative April Love Foundation which seeks to provide development, guidance, and career creating opportunities to disabled children and adults pursuing a career in the arts.

Born in Bad Constant, West Germany to two veterans, April was given 18 years to live after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and scoliosis at age 7. Fourteen surgeries later at the age of 32, April is full of life and determined to help others like her.

Her first published book of poetry entitled The Bindings: The Experiences that Hold Me Together – The Girl with Cerebral Palsy will be available for pre-order this fall.

Excerpt from  “So, About Happiness” by April Williams
“I’ve learned that the best things come out of being misunderstood.
Whatever, people will figure me out eventually.
If they don’t this is nothing new to me.
I’m out of the business of pleasing,
fake smiles with no meaning and repeating this monotony will no longer be my reality.”