Aleatha Lindsay

African American woman with long dreads wearing a long sleeve black top inside a studio space painting onto a large canvas with purple and yellow paint

Aleatha Lindsay is an Atlanta based award-winning multi-disciplinary artist, independent curator, disability advocate, and published author. Her paintings are juxtapositions of shapes, fluid gestures, simplistic movement, and bold colorful explorations. Much of her work explores the physical and psych/emotional qualities of interactions; with humanity and within environments. Her creative process often begins with sketches that delve into these themes before finalizing compositions for new works. The final products present fluid explorations of the intended themes working in harmony.

In her mixed media work, she collects items, decontextualizes, reimagines and reconstructs them into figurative representations to pay homage to women of the global diaspora. These carefully placed items present unpredictable shapes and patterns that allude to the complexity of character, strength, and culture. The resulting sculptural figures pull us into their fictional realities with a high degree of naturalism and beauty.

Her work represents a balm of honor, dignity, protection and spiritual uplifting. It is acting as a ribbon that binds our souls into one of conquering grace, beauty, and compassion. As the artist, she examines the different forms this balm takes, the thinking and history that lies behind it. Lindsay uses found objects as the common denominators of a contemporary environment. Altering them is an embodiment of questioning and raising awareness of the current state of the long overdue homage to women of the global diaspora.

ALEATHA LINDSAY holds a BA from Russell Sage College (Creative Arts Therapy) and an MA from Savannah College of Art & Design (Art Leadership & Business Design). She also studied Dance Therapy in Corfu, Greece under the direction of Dr. Danielle L. Fraenkel. After completing her studies, she went on to pursue posts in the mental health, arts community development, and special education arenas. She has held curatorial and leadership roles at several arts organizations in the metro Atlanta area including Kudzu Art Zone, Art Center and Gallery.

Deaf from the age of 2, she credits her early exposure to the arts with helping her overcome the challenges related to her disability. Her work has been purchased by collectors nationally and exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Spain, and Norway.

Lindsay is the Founder and Curator of The Ikouii Creative, a disability-led organization that provides opportunities for artists with disabilities globally and assists organizations in adopting more inclusive attitudes.


Condensed List of Exhibitions
Bearing Witness: Art of Protest

2019 – Group Exhibition/Women’s Caucus for Art- Atlanta, GA


2019 – Group Exhibition/B Complex- Atlanta, GA

Black & Proud

2019 – Group Exhibition/BrightRing- Atlanta, GA

Color to the Cube

2019 – Group Exhibition/Dyer Arts Center – Rochester, NY

Florida Deaf Art Show

2019 – Group Exhibition – Pinellas, FL

Talk to Me

2018 – Group Exhibition – Atlanta, GA


2018 – Group Exhibition – Atlanta, GA

Eternal Pursuit: The Black Experience

2018 – Group Exhibition – Peachtree Corners, GA

Rising from the Rails

2017 – Group Exhibition – Atlanta, GA

Cultural Preservations

2016 – Solo Exhibition – Atlanta, GA

Gallery L1

2016 – Group Exhibition – Atlanta, GA

Freedom of Expression

2015 · Group Exhibition – Norway

Black Flowers

2015 · Group Exhibition – Spain

B Complex Artist Cooperative

2015 · Group Exhibition – Atlanta

Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity

2015 · Group Exhibition – Atlanta

Oglethorpe Univ. Art Museum

2013 · Group Exhibition – Atlanta

Upstate Artist Guild, Ultraviolet

2011 · Group Exhibition – New York

B Complex Artist Cooperative

2015 · Group Exhibition – Atlanta

Schacht Fine Arts Center

2010 · Group Exhibition – New York