100 UNDER $100 Art Show

We are excited for you to browse the “100 UNDER $100” collection of exceptional and affordable work online by artists working in a wide range of mediums, located across the globe in countries such as Singapore, Brazil, Romania, Canada, and the United States! Unlike our other exhibits, when a work of art is sold, it will go off the virtual gallery wall immediately.

This art show presents a great opportunity for new and seasoned collectors to support multiple living artists. These one of a kind works will make a great addition to your home, office, or as invaluable gifts to loved ones. We have categorized the works into seven groups from paintings to ceramics to ease the browsing experience. All available artworks on view will be for sale on a first come, first serve basis.

Over 30 works sold!

Works featured by artists:

Katya Belena (NV/USA), Anna Blome (TX/USA), A. Laura Brody (CA/USA), Gertruda Damatar (Romania), Mike Garda (NY/USA), Shee Gomes (Brazil), Deneen Hodges (LA/USA), Brianna Lagace (Canada), Asil Rashid (Canada), Anna Ng (Singapore), Mariam Pare (CHI/USA), Von Sanders (USA), Ken Schuck (KY/USA), Pearl Sequeira (Canada), Labdhi Shah (GA/USA), Bailey Jean Thomas (KY/USA), Ellen Mansfield (MD/USA), David Isakson (CA/USA), Janelle Washington (VA/USA).

The “100 Under $100” Art Show will be on view till May 7, 2022 or when all works have been sold!

Note: Shipping fee is based on each work as they will be coming from different locations.

The Artists

KATYA BELENA creates artwork through mindful inquiry, teasing out the images that arise from integrated emotions and creating paintings inspired by nostalgia and imperfectly remembered feelings. She is currently most inspired by the plant kingdom, poetry, and contemporary design.

Description of Work: Mellow blues are painted onto irregular handmade paper in this weather-themed series. These small paintings appear soft and cloth-like, due to the deckled edges, visible fibers and ultra-matte paint. They serve as a playful, yet visually soothing take on stereotypical forecast symbols.

IKOUII ARTIST A. LAURA BRODY – Mobility, a series of exhibits that re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. Her art has been shown at the Ikouii Creative, ACE/121 Gallery, Brea Gallery, the Charles River Museum of Industry, Westbeth Center For the Arts, California State University Northridge, Gallery Expo, the Dora Stern Gallery at Arts Unbound, and The World of Wearable Art. Ms. Brody works as a professional costume maker and designer, an artist, and as an educator. She is passionate about reuse, sustainability, and re-imagining disability.

GERTRUDA DAMATAR – I am from Romania and currently I live in Iași, Romania. Collages are a very recent hobby (from last year). It offers me the possibility to explore creativity and art, an invitation to relaxation and curiosity. My artworks are paper analog collages and mixed media collages (with textile, buttons, envelopes, stamps, pressed flowers, cardboard, tracing paper). I’ve recently started to use vintage book pages in my collages. I prefer bright colors and I explore optimistic and positive themes.

MIKE GARDA – Emotions and feelings run freely in the walls of one Hudson Valley studio. With acrylics and pastels, Mike Garda enables open conversations about mental health on each canvas. He holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Fine Art from Syracuse University Mike recently completed his Master’s in Counseling and Art Therapy from Caldwell University and currently works as a behavioral health therapist. As an interdisciplinary artist, he uses his platform to combat mental illness and the stigma surrounding mental health. One way Mike does so is by unpacking identity’s relationship with psychology. Through his own exploration of self as a queer artist, he often illustrates the intersectionality between mental health and sexuality. Outside studio walls, Mike is a Jersey-bred Capricorn making a new home for himself in New York. He loves cuddling with his four dogs while watching horror movies, and being a plant dad.

Brief Description of Work: My usual figure work focuses on issues with mental health and emotions. As I continue to experiment with my artistic identity I have pushing myself to try unconventional media and techniques and explore what my heart wants to communicate to the world. With the pieces I’ve included I have allowed myself to step away from the box I place around myself and simply enjoy the creative process. I like finding humor in artwork and experimenting with these dinosaur figures has been something I’ve done since my junior year in art school. If my pieces can make someone smile, laugh, or think “that’s a bit odd,” than I feel my work has met its intention.

SHEE GOMES – Born in 1987 in São Paulo, Brazil, with a degree in Digital Design, Shee (Sheila Gomes) began her work in visual arts at the same year she graduated from college. Shee has been showcasing her work in a variety of exhibitions, collaborations and projects, with curated works featuring international books and magazines.

Description of Work: Non-objective painting soon became part of the processes, with expressive colors and brushstrokes that seek harmony and a certain sonority in each composition as a way of translating her perceptions of the world. Side by side with the painting are the drawings made with different materials in contrast to the acrylic paintings sometimes adopting figurative forms. For Shee, art transcends cultures, concepts, ideals and time itself, connecting us with all that we are. Her purpose is to unveil the new, and expand this connection.

DENEEN HODGES – A Native St. Louisan has been a lover of art all of her life. In 2000, Deneen met the love of her life who happened to be a full-time career Artist. Over the years Deneen has desired to create art alongside her husband. Between children and a full-time job, there was just not enough time in the day…until now. So, she dibbed and dabbed trying to find her place because she wanted to do something different. Her love for abstract surfaced when she came across a video that demonstrated the creation of abstract art through acrylic fluid art. She instantly fell in love with the excitement of not knowing exactly how a painting would come out. She recently came across words of motivation and inspiration that she combined with the fluid art. Deneen still considers herself to be a babe in art, however she is excited about what’s to come.

Description of Work: Beginner Artist, specializing in acrylic fluid art on canvas, mixed media. Works of art, inspired by beautiful color and motivational devotions.

IKOUII ARTIST DAVID ISAKSON – I am a self taught artist. The sculptures come from my mind as whole formed thoughts in visceral reaction to my world. I started sculpting in Amsterdam in 1994 as a way to process the massive amounts of information I was taking in while learning about art culture language and life in a foreign country. I have brought that otherness not otherness back to America as humorous deconstructions made out of everyday objects. I have done over 100 group shows in Southern California where I live.

Brief Description: The gun has always been at the forefront of American culture. I have taken a look at this with 4 deconstructions. It is time where we end gun violence and gun availability in this country. Too many people have died for no reason.

BRIANNA LAGACÉ – I was born and raised in Northern Ontario. My upbringing had me surrounded by nature, but once I moved away I became fascinated by the beauty of individual differences. I started looking for clues to other peoples’ stories from the way they carried themselves in the world through their fashion and other identifiers. I pursued an education in the arts, first with a BFA, then a Masters in Art History.

Description of Work: My creative practice usually consists of portraits that are meant to evoke personality through texture, colour, and light. These provide a glimpse into an imposed narrative frozen in a single frame. I work with both traditional and digital mediums, bridging the gap between “real” and “unreal”. My subjects are often surrounded by flowers, natural elements, animals; all of which furthering the mood of the piece. I approach topics of spiritual growth and meditation through my work. From that the viewer can see my hand and my own personality come through. I have a very illustrative style with bold colours and precise linework.

IKOUII ARTIST ELLEN MANSFIELD -Born Deaf in Manhattan, NY, Ellen survived many miserable years in school without sign language. Despite that, she earned a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Ellen has led a life filled with art and experiences, using her background in drawing, painting, batik, ceramics, and many other media. When she moved to Maryland, she began to recognize just how much her Deaf identity had always been part of her artwork. Life began to blossom as she became surrounded by Deaf culture and sign language, leading to increasingly colorful images in her work, including watercolors, oil paintings and tile paintings in her artwork. She owns Ellen’s TileStroke Studio in Frederick, MD.

ANNA NG – Imaginative, intuitive and intrepid, Anna is a self taught artist painting in acrylics and watercolors. Her artworks have received numerous awards internationally; recently a watercolor abstract was published as a winner in “The Best of Watercolor – Splash 22”, an Artist Network publication in USA. She was also invited to collaborate with Biopak Australia with her painting printed on Biopak biodegradable coffee cups.

Description of Work: Through her abstract artworks, Anna seeks to express the unspoken volumes within us. Often time in abstracts, it is the things that we can’t put a finger on that beckons, delights and heals us. You are invited to explore the interpretations of your interactions with her paintings.

IKOUII ARTIST MARIAM PARÉ is well-recognized creative talent who is celebrated for her colorful portraits painted by mouth, and other multimedia works. She is a member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Some of her major commissions include Craig H. Nielsen Foundation, Omorose Cosmetics, LifeWTR, Refinery29, and Pepsi company.

Mariam often tackles motifs surrounding the issues of gun violence and disability awareness. She is co-creator of Tres Fridas Project, an exhibition that “re-imagines art through the disability lens”. Mariam was awarded a 3Arts Fellowship for 2020, and continues to work in collaboration with University of Illinois (Chicago) Disability Culture Leadership Initiative. She volunteers on the Associate Board at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, helping to coordinate art exhibits for artists in the disability community.

ASIL RASHID – I am a Montreal-based artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas and I also create art prints and illustrations using a variety of mixed media, such as watercolor, gouache and pen and ink. I love creating florals and seascapes.

VON SANDERS – Hi! My name is Von and I have had vonabstracts for a year now. I started vonabstracts because I suffer from imposter syndrome and I wanted a confidence boost. I am currently a senior in college majoring in graphic design! My interests include publication design, digital art, flat design, illustration, typography, and photography.

Description of Work: My work consist of minimal and abstract art with marvelous colors. Each art print is at a great size with a while border around it.

KEN SCHUCK is an artist living in Louisville Kentucky. In 2016, Ken Schuck received his BFA from The Kentucky College of Art + Design at Spalding University. Currently, Schuck is on track to graduate from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in the spring of 2022. His work investigates space and form, “I-it” vs “I-Thou” relationships, and the difference between “nude” and “naked”.

Description of Work: All the work featured are in one form or another a studio experiment. Often when I go into the studio I have some sort of expectation of either me, or the work; I have an end goal in mind. With these however, the goal was only to try one technique, one material, one idea, and to see what happens. These paintings are the results of playing and discovering, these experiments are what keep my art practice alive.

PEARL A. SEQUEIRA has a global heritage, and now lives as a settler in Tkaronto (Toronto), Canada. She is a storyteller and an emerging artist, creating paintings that explore complex emotions (e.g. grief) and subject matter (e.g. identity), using colour, texture, and diverse mediums. Her process is dynamic, and Pearl learns about life from conversations with diverse people, spending time in nature and different neighbourhoods , and engaging with many forms of art. Her non-native perspective and strength to integrate techniques and domains of knowledge, enables her to create art that can act as a mirror to reflect societal narratives. She hopes her art enables viewers to consider the hopes, dreams and challenges people deal with regularly, and to take different perspectives into consideration when they make judgements about situations/ peoples. Pearl is the recipient of a Professional Development for Artists grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.

Description of Work: Black, Indigenous, Peoples of Colour (BIPOC) are portrayed as monoliths in the media. This is far from the truth; BIPOC cultures are diverse and complex. In these paintings, Accents in Red, I explore the multiplex of BIPOC cultures, using colour, texture and geometry. I hope that you, the viewer, appreciate the diverse composition of BIPOC cultures, and these paintings shift your perceptions of melanated bodies. Using the same colour palette across five paintings, with different textures and shapes, I challenge the narrative of BIPOC as monoliths. The artwork is on wood panels. I chose to work on wood because it represents the tenacity of BIPOC peoples and celebrates their bodies of cultural diversity. Wood is stronger and more durable than canvas. It can be created from multiple sources, resulting in different wood grain which adds a unique dimension to the artwork created.

IKOUII ARTIST LABDHI SHAH is a self-taught artist from India, currently based in Atlanta. She received her B.A. in Economics & Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune, India, and her M.A. in Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University. She is also certified in Arts-Based Therapy from BAPU Trust, Pune. Her effort as an artist is to share her faith in the capacity of love, and to accept the uniqueness of every human being irrespective of race, color, gender, and culture. She works with a variety of media including watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, chalk and ink.

Brief Description of Work: Defined Anonymity-Every experience in our life leaves behind a trace, an imprint on our mind and on our body. Living in a society that judges women so harshly for their bodies, each of us carries more than one such traces, that we are often scarcely aware of, which affect the way we see our bodies and ourselves.I wanted to depict not just one but many traces, as shaping the contours of our bodies in our own minds instead of what society judges. We often question society and most often end up judging our own self too.
Color of my soul-THE COLOR OF MY SOUL WAS BORN OUT OF MY CURIOSITY TO UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS OF ACCEPTING ONESELF.The Color of My Soul was hand-painted while blindfolded over the course of five consecutive mornings during my artist residency at the stay home gallery & residency in Paris, TN.

BAILEY JEAN THOMAS is a multidisciplinary artist from Louisville KY. She works in a variety of visual mediums, including sculpture, drawing, animation and narrative art. Her work has been published in The Paris Review and Artist Talk Magazine, and was featured in the 2017 edition of Best American Comics.

Description of Work: My drawings are colorful, busy, and somewhat chaotic. They often feature domesticated animals, especially house cats which are represented in Mountain Lion and Church as otherworldly and mysterious creatures. I am fascinated by our relationship with domesticated animals. Underground features a family dog that is digging up secrets, wildlife, and unholy spirits. My small mixed media sculptures like Overflow and The Girl combine abandoned imagery with vibrant embroidery thread. The thread embodies the energy present in neglected or uninhabited items that once contained significance or sentimental value.

IKOUII ARTIST JANELLE WASHINGTON is a self-taught paper-cut artist from Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Fashion Design and found interest in paper cutting afterward. Through the simplicity of paper, Janelle creates images that showcase African Americans’ courage, achievements, and grace in difficult situations. In addition, her artwork explores themes of history, identity, and beauty in African American culture. She has permanent silhouettes housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, DC, and Downing-Gross Community Arts Center in Newport News, Virginia. Janelle’s first illustrated book, written by author Angela Joy, will come out in Fall 2022. In addition, her silhouette of Breonna Taylor with the #SayHerName campaign was featured in the Oprah magazine September 2020 issue. She is also a member of The Guild of American Papercutters.

Brief Description of Work: My work is a collection of cut paper using black or white paper and sometimes adding tissue paper for color. I use a craft knife and multiple blades to cut out my designs. Everything I do is by hand from sketching and cutting my designs. I often incorporate, text, symbols, silhouettes, and patterns to add to the story that I am trying to tell. I am inspired by Black culture, history, poetry, and beauty found in Black people. I love that cut paper is a gateway for me to explore and celebrate my heritage as a Black woman.

ANNA BLOME An artist based in Houston, Texas